Arts & Sciences Center for Instructional Technology
University of Virginia
Video Conferencing
ASCIT Conference Room/Videoconference Facility: New Cabell Hall 299A

Hours: 9am - 5pm (M-F).

Cisco C20 Videoconferences (H323 Connections)

ASCIT offers video conferencing support and facilities to Arts & Sciences faculty and graduate students for instructional and research purposes. ASCIT has a Cisco C20 (Users' Guide) digital video conferencing system with a 55" LCD display for Polycom-compatible connections. If you would like to use this service, please reserve the ASCIT Conference Room, 299A New Cabell Hall, through ASCIT Staff and provide the following information:
  • The IP address of the participant(s) who have compatible equipment.
  • The e-mail and phone numbers of all V.C. technicians (with whom you will be connecting).
  • Allow time for ASCIT to conduct a test session before the event, to be certain everything will work.
The telephone number in New Cabell 299A is (434) 982-5772. Patrons should plan to use their own Forced Access Code (FAC) for a teleconference.
Skype Videoconferences
ASCIT also supports use of Skype and we have a license for multiple users to join a conference. This online video communications tool is often used for individual and small group conferencing, such as dissertation proposals and defenses, planning and administration, etc.
  • The Skype handles, email addresses and phone numbers of each participant are needed. You may enter the Skype handles into your Skype contacts list ahead of time.
  • Allow time for ASCIT to conduct a test session, before the event, to be certain the remote participant is using a fast connection and both audio and video transmission will have sufficient quality.
New Cabell 299A (view) has a Windows 7 PC with an 80" wall mounted monitor. This is suitable for a class of up to 30 people to view a Skype connection. There is a wall mounted webcam in the back of the room and a portable webcam for the front of the room. The rectangular tables in 299A can be arranged in any pattern. New Cabell 295 (views) has a 50" wall mounted monitor that can connect to a laptop. This room has space for 4-6 people to make a Skype connection with a remote user. Both of these rooms are reserved by emailing ASCIT Staff. See the schedule for these two rooms.
The Language Lab is equipped with 30 Web Cams to facilitate the use of Skype for your courses. Please note you will need to reserve the Lab using our Online Reservation System if you wish to use this service.
GoToMeeting Webconferencing
ASCIT now supports use of GoToMeeting. This online web communications tool is often used for online meetings with multiple attendees. Our license allows 25 participants to join each conference. The meeting organizer can designate one participant as presenter and that user can share her screen with the other participants. Each session can be recorded by the organizer and converted to a MOV file at the end of the session. Please contact any ASCIT Staff member to learn more about this product.

Here is a screenshot (from a MacBook) of a GTM session between a MacBook and an iPad. Both devices are on Rich's desk. Click on the picture for the full screen image.