Arts & Sciences Center for Instructional Technology
University of Virginia
Language Lab
The Language Lab develops and supports technology-enhanced learning and teaching environments in second-language acquisition and in the study of foreign languages, literatures and cultures.

You will find dedicated technicians to help you locate needed materials or assist in the operation of digital hardware. ASCIT staff members are also happy to train instructors and TA to use the lab's hardware and software to whatever degree is comfortable for them. We offer full support when desired and always tanned ready for trobulshooting.Whether in person at the Language Lab, or by emailing Customer Service we will do our best to answer your questions.

The lab provides the following technology resources supporting teaching and learning:

Sanako Lab 300 System
Teachers and students can work interactively with technology-enhanced course materials. Interactivity in a classroom setting with computer assisted oral testing features are the norm. System features 56 Dell student workstations (26 for individual use and 30 for groups, classes and oral testing). Individual use allows students to utilize technology in a variety of creative ways to complete class assignments, record conversations, listen to audio materials, and do word processing in the target language they are learning, among other features.
Skype Video Conferencing
The ASCIT Language Lab also supports use of Skype, an online video communications tools for individual and small group conferencing. The lab is now equipped with 30 Web Cams to facilitate the use of Skype for your courses. Please note, you will need to reserve the Lab using our Online Reservation System if you wish to use this service. We can also assist with iChat, Video Conference support or Macs.
The Language Lab is also host to six iMac computers which can be used not only to access our array of educational materials, but also to make videos utilizing the built-in cameras and movie software package. Completed files can then be uploaded to Collab, sent to instructors via e-mail or stored on disk or other forms of memory storage.
Digital Audio Mastering and Editing
The Language Lab offers digital audio recording and editing for the assistance in design and implementation of audio materials to accompany language course materials. To supplement existing class materials or to design your own, please drop by and discuss options we can offer.
Digital Audio Storage and Retrieval
Audio files to accompany language class materials may be digitized and placed on our lab server for playback at the convenience of the students taking the course. We must have permission from the copyright holder in advance of making the audio files available on our servers. ASCIT complies with University of Virginia policies in regards to copyright. Although there are many sites dealing with copyright, you may want to start with the sites listed below: