Arts & Sciences Center for Instructional Technology
University of Virginia
For Students
ASCIT provides a range of student services to support their learning experience at the University of Virginia.

The Language Lab
Develops and supports technology-enhanced learning and teaching environments in second-language acquisition and in the study of foreign languages, literatures, and cultures.

A variety of course materials are available, identified by language and description. The media materials will generally not have the same degree of functionality made possible by the Sanko software in the Language Lab. Nevertheless, they can be useful means of review or when the Language Lab is not available.

E-portfolio help:

If you would like assistance with your Electronic Portfolio, see the E-portfolio Tech consultants at the end of the language lab and in room 141 of Wilson Hall during the hours listed below:

                               ********  E-portfolio Help Schedule  *******
    The schedule of available periods of time for getting help with your E-portfolios are as follows: 

                                   WHEN UNIVERSITY CLASSES ARE IN SESSION - 

                                    the following schedule is in effect:

	               Monday          Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday      Friday
ASCIT language lab             
	                              12:30-1:30       11:00-1:00        12:30-1:30

        By The Way - An E-Portfolio of all your college aquired tasks and skills that are transferable 
        to your first job might help you get that job. 

VoiceThread is a web-based application that can be used to create video projects. Users can combine video, still images, and voice recordings into a single "thread" and then share their projects with others. VoiceThread has been used in class video projects for several semesters, especially by Spanish and Italian students.
Audio Recording Using a Podcast
You can create a audio recording as part of a project and upload the Podcast to the kaltura Media Gallery. Stored on the site library, this recording will be available to those your instructor gives access permissions to e.g. your team or class.
  • At this time, there are no current video or additional audio tutorials supported by ASCIT. WE hope to have more for you soon.