Arts & Sciences Center for Instructional Technology
University of Virginia
For Instructors
ASCIT offers several types of services to faculty and graduate students. A brief summary is noted below. More information is available in the links in the column to your right.

Language Lab
Instructors can request to reserve the lab for testing or instruction, cancel a lab reservation. Student test and assignments can be saved in and downloaded from the ASCIT web site. Please note that a secure log in via NetBadge is required to cancel a lab reservation or download materials. Brief instruction is available below if needed:
  • Cancelling a Lab Reservation: After login, verify the date and information of the reservation you wish to cancel; then select the "Cancel reservation" link.
  • Downloading Materials: After login, find the course you want to download from the list and select the "Download Material" link.
ASCIT staff members are happy to train instructors and TA to use the lab's hardware and software to whatever degree is comfortable for them. We offer full support when desired and always tanned ready for trobulshooting.
Equipment Loans
We provide loans of laptop computers, audiovisual equipment and equipment supporting computer projection and display for classes, programs, and research within the Graduate School and College of the Arts & Sciences. Faculty and staff are also invited to suggest anew equipment items for consideration in the equipment loan pool. This service is available to all faculty and graduate instructors within the College.

Please note that a secure login via NetBadge is required to cancel an equipment reservation. After login, verify the date and information of the reservation you wish to cancel; then select the "Cancel reservation" link.

Teaching and Technology Resources, Consulting and Development
ASCIT provides one-on-one and small group consultation, training and presentations on the use of technology in teaching to College faculty and teaching assistants. ASCIT often collaborates with other University resources area such as the Teaching Resource Center, ITS, and University Library Resource Centers such as the SHANTI, Scholar's Lab, Robertson Media Center and the Digital Media Lab to facilitate instruction and research.

We support or provide consulting services for several easy-to-use web-based course tools described in detail in the Tools and References section of this site.

ASCIT offers workshops on effective integration of technology into teaching. We will also collaborate with faculty or academic departments to develop workshops, tutorials or other instructional materials. Please contact the Director of ASCIT with questions or requests.

Tools & Resources
We support several easy-to-use web-based course tools allowing students and instructors to manage course materials, share work, create web-based resources and activities, and get automatic feedback on essays, exercises, quizzes and tests.

Our mission calls for the exploration new educational technologies, methods, and best practices. We are available to assist your exploration of those we know and those you would like to learn more.

Faculty Projects
ASCIT staff is available to assist faculty with instructional design and delivery, instructional applications development, integration of technology in teaching and research, and "proof of concept" development for grant applications.
Audio & Video Support
Upon faculty request, ASCIT offers the following audiovisual services for special events or guest lectures when time and other priorities permit:
  • Video capture and post-production.
  • Live streaming video.
  • Still photography.
  • Analog to digital conversion of audiocassettes and VHS tapes when appropriate.